Monday, April 11, 2011

Wake Up in The Early Morning: Why It Is Good for You

Moslem believe that early morning (subuh) is one of special time Allah creates for human being. Why is it special? It can be explained by some facts about the advantages of early morning. According to Ahmadie Thaha (1983) in the early morning there will be the biggest portion of ozone in our air. The number of ozone in the air will decrease when the sun shines. You can feel that you will have more fresh air in the morning. It is because we still have enough ozone. Ozone is good for our neural system and it will increase our working spirit.

Sun shine in the morning has red and violet ray in it, and this is good for increasing the work's quality of neural system. Ultra violet is good for our skin in producing vitamin D.

Wake up in the early morning will decrease our sleeping time. To much sleeping is not good for our liver (can cause a disease called atherosclerosis) and it may cause breath problem.

So, lets wake up in the morning!