Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sharing: How to go to KL from airport

I used Airasia to go to Malaysia. From Jakarta is about 2 hours fly. We landed at LCCT, an airport special for Airasia. LCCT is Low Cost Courier Transport. How to go to KL? the cheapest is by using Air Bus, a bus service affilated with Airasia. Air Bus goes to KL Central. From KL Central we can go to other places by using bus, train, van, or taxi. Fare for Air Bus? 9 RM.


MM UNSOED this year will visit Thailand and Malaysia again as part as its yearly activity called MM INTERNATIONAL STUDY. Before, we visit Europe, Thailand and Malaysia. And again, this year we visit Thailand and Malaysia. Why these two countries? Because of money reason.

When? July 2007 ( 8 July to 12 July)
Where? Thailand and Malaysia
Where in Thailand? University visit, company visit, and place of interests
Where in Malaysia? University visit, company visit, and place of interests.
How much? About USD 500 to USD 600 depend on how many people follow this program. The more people the cheaper will be.
What this cost include? air fare, hotel, local transport overseas, food overseas (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cost to enter all places in the schedule), tips for tour guides.
What are excluded? fiscal, cost for extra schedule, souveneers.
Contact person? Please contact Elly in 628623 or Agung at 0811281199.
The latest date for registration is 30 May 2007.


Friday, April 27, 2007

English Version of My Blog

Welcome to my web blog. This blog is the English version of my blog. I hope all contents and comments are in English too. If you want to visit my Indonesian version, please visit Besides, you can also visit my e-learning web site at

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